Stourbridge based Show My Business aims to bring high quality digital media products to small businesses, non-profits and other enterprises across all sectors. Our range of services is designed to bring a professional approach to promotional digital media production within reach of smaller enterprises. We will be happy to meet with you in order to discuss your needs and help you to decide on the best way forwards in promoting your organisation’s identity, activities and unique selling points.



Show off your products, your premises, your services or your team with eye catching, engaging images, captured by an award winning photographer with more than 10 years commercial and lifestyle photography experience.

A picture paints a thousand words

While the highest standards are applied to capture and post-processing, we understand that good photography is far more than well processed, high resolution images. Let us bring out the very best in your products and services, with promotional stills that make your products and people stand out from the crowd.


Could your business, social enterprise, community organisation, school or event benefit from a professionally produced video; either for promotional purposes, or simply to help celebrate an important aspect of your work? At Show My Business we can consult on, plan and produce a compelling, high quality video, which showcases your products, services, activities or achievements.

Less, gear, less fuss, less nonsense.

Using modern, compact, versatile equipment and consequently scaled down crew, we are able to film video assets with minimum disruption to your day to day working. While our methods are essentially those used in much larger productions, our approach is far more conducive to busy working environments and far less intimidating to customers, employees, pupils or other members of your organisation’s community. 

Tell your story:

For countless generations we have used the power of story telling to communicate ideas, warn of danger, celebrate great deeds and to preserve important memories of our journey. Communicating the benefits of a product line or service, explaining your organisation’s ethos, celebrating a milestone in your history or explaining your unique selling points are all, in essence, about telling a story. Your story and the audience you want to tell it to, remain at the heart of our creative process throughout production.

Web Design

Engaging, fully responsive websites, built around the worlds most popular and versatile content management system, WordPress.

Since the turn of the century, an effective website has become a prerequisite for almost any enterprise, regardless of its size or audience. Promoting your business, event or organisation, selling goods and services, or simply communicating information to your partners and clients can all be handled via the web. Unfortunately, many smaller organisations lack the resources to manage their own web presence effectively. Show My Business offers web design services to take the headache out of online promotion.

Full service from one provider

In addition to designing and building your website, we can procure domain names, manage domain transfers and even host your site, leaving you to get on with what you do best. Because we produce and manage digital media we can also ensure that your site is populated with the most effective content. We can even arrange for a writer to produce copy to your requirements. Following design and build, we can either train your staff in content management and site maintenance, or if you would prefer, provide you with an ongoing service to ensure that your site stays up to date and in peak operational condition.

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